Dear colleagues and friends,

we are proud to announce that the INFN divisions of Bologna and Ferrara together with the Universities of Bologna and Ferrara will host the 41st International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2022) in Bologna, from July 6th to the 13th, 2022.

For more than 70 years ICHEP has been the cornerstone event for the scientific community involved in high energy physics (HEP), where the most important recent results and future strategies are presented and discussed bringing together experimentalists and theorists in a vital and productive exchange of views and ideas.

In Bologna the HEP community will hopefully come back to meet in person after the pandemic emergency even if we will guarantee the possibility of a fruitful remote participation also to people living in areas still affected by the pandemic.

As usual for ICHEP, the scientific program will cover a wide range of topics. Fresh results are expected from the LHC experiments both from run-2 data analysis and the first collisions after the collider restart as well as from neutrino, astroparticle physics and cosmology. Special attention will be dedicated to the plans for upgrading present detectors and facilities and to the future strategies and new projects for the years to come. A poster session is foreseen allowing young scientists to present their studies.

It is a real honour for the scientific community of the INFN and the University of Bologna and Ferrara to host this prestigious conference which is held in Italy for the first time in its history.

We look forward to seeing you at ICHEP 2022 in Bologna,



L. Bellagamba, P. Giacomelli

Scientific Secretaries:
F. R. Cavallo, L. Fabbri, I. Garzia, R. Preghenella

Working Groups:

P. Antonioli, G. Baldazzi, C. Bozzi, G. Bruni, A. D’Orazio, V. Vagnoni, M. Villa

L. Bandiera, L. Capriotti, G. Carratta, F.R. Cavallo, A. Cervelli, F. Cuicchio, M. Fiorini, I. Garzia, M. Massicci, F. Mazzotta,  S. Perazzini, M. Soldani, A. Varaschin

F.R. Cavallo, E. Franzoso, U. Marconi, L. Patrizii, L. Tomassetti

IT systems:
D. Bortolotti, R. Giacomelli, A. Monducci, L. Rinaldi, M. Vassilev, S. Zani

G. Abbiendi, C. Bozzi, A. Castro, M. Colocci, L. Dell’Agnello, F. Maltoni, A. Margiotta, A. Oliva, S. Perazzini, A. Perrotta, C. Sbarra, G.P. Vacca

Diversity and Inclusion:
A. Bruni, S. Pascoli, S. Valentinetti

Education and Outreach:
G. Carratta, G. Cibinetto, L. Fabbri, M. Guarise, A. Margiotta, G. Mezzadri, F. Scianitti, G. Scioli

Treasury and Secretariat:
M. Allegro, E. Amadei, B. Giacobbe, G. Grandi

Travel grants, Visas:
S. Okamura, M. Pozzato, B. Simoni

Poster session:
C. Battilana, R. Farinelli, T. Peraro, M. Scodeggio, M. Tenti, G.P. Vacca

S. Antonelli, A. Carbone, A. Sidoti

F. Bastianelli, F. Bellini, U. Marconi, G. Sirri

Local Scientific Program Committee:
Chair: S. Bertolucci
G. Abbiendi, L. Bandiera, F. Bellini, D. Bonacorsi, C. Bozzi, S. Braibant, A. Bruni, R. Casadio, A. Castro, A. Cervelli, G. Cibinetto, M. Colocci, F. Ferrari, F. Finelli, D. Fioravanti, I. Garzia, B. Giacobbe, F. Maltoni, A. Margiotta, A. Montanari, M. Negrini, R. Nania, S. Pascoli, L. Patrizii, A. Perrotta, R. Preghenella, C. Sbarra, A. Sidoti, M. Selvi, V. Vagnoni


H. Abramowicz (Israel)
E. Barberio (Australia)
U. Bassler (France)
L. Bellagamba (Italy)
S. Bentvelsen (Netherlands)
T. Behnke (Germany)
F. Bossi (Italy)
F. Canelli (Switzerland)
A. Dabholkar (India)
A. de Gouvea (USA)
D. Denisov (USA)
Z. Dolezal (Czech)
J. Fuster (Spain)
P. Giacomelli (Italy)
F. Gianotti (CERN)
G. Giudice (CERN)
S. Henderson (USA)
J.A. Hewett (USA)
A. Hoecker (CERN)
A. Ichikawa (Japan)
K. Jakobs (Germany)
J. Kim (Korea)

Y.-K. Kim (USA)
R. Leitner (Czech)
L. Malgeri (CERN)
L. Musa (CERN)
J. Nash (Australia)
C. Parkes (UK)
K. Pitts (USA)
G. Rameika (USA)
L. Rivkin (Switzerland)
N. Roe (USA)
N. Smith (Canada)
M. Spiro (France)
I. Taboada (USA)
M. Thomson (UK)
G. Trubnikov
P. Vahle (USA)
Y. Wang (China)
M. Yamauchi (Japan)
G. Zanderighi (Germany)
A. Zoccoli (Italy)
K. Zureck (USA)




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International Conference on High Energy Physics ICHEP 2022
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